The Selling Process

The Pathway to Selling Your Home

Here are the steps we will take to get your home from listing to completion

Step 1 - The Walkthrough

The first step to a successful home sale is learning about the home and its features. I will visit your home and will assess the home using a checklist to ensure accuracy and that the details are all accurately captured.

Step 2 - What's it Worth?

Combining the characteristics and features of your home with the external factors, such as accessibility, proximity to amenities and market conditions, we will determine an appropriate value for your home.

Step 3 - Let's Get it Listed!

Once we have determined an appropriate value for your home, and you've decided to go ahead with the listing, I will prepare the listing contract and we will finalize a price that you are comfortable with.

Step 4 - The Setup...

Now that we've completed the listing agreement, it's time for me to get to work arranging for professionals to measure your home, take photos, draw up floorplans, and create a virtual tour for online visitors to enjoy!

Step 5 - It's Showtime!

It's now time to launch the marketing campaign designed to maximize visibility of your home and attract the most qualified potential buyers by utilizing multiple marketing avenues, both traditional and technological. For more information on what these avenues are, please click here.

Step 6 - Here They Come!

By now the offers should start to come in. As we receive offers, we will review them together and determine if they meet your needs, and negotiate accordingly until you are happy and ready to accept one of them. There is zero pressure to accept any offer. This is your home and you're in charge,

Step 7 - Time to Pack Up.

You've accepted an offer, and are now ready to start making preparations to leave the home you've come to know and enjoy. This may be am emotional moment, but you know that you've made the right decision. You're now ready to move on to the next part of your journey.

Step 8 - Closing Time...

This is the final step of the home selling process. The 3 important dates coming up will be the Completion Date, the Adjustment Date and the Possession Date. You're now ready to hand over the property to the new home owners. It may be the end of this road, but it's just the start of your voyage down the next one!

The home selling process can be a complex one, and there are many pitfalls to avoid.
Having Irfan on your side will ensure that the process goes smoothly, and is as stress-free for you as possible!

Tips to Ensure a Successful Closing & Possession

Once you're approaching the Completion, Adjustment, and Possession dates, there are some last minute things that you as a 
seller will need to take care of. Here are some tips to help you prepare to hand over your property to the new homeowners:

Tip # 1 - Cleaning

Having the place professionally cleaned and getting a receipt will show the new owners that you 
have done your due diligence in 
ensuring that you are meeting 
the requirements of the contract.

Tip # 2 - Garbage Removal

It's important to remove all garbage and debris from the home before handing over possession, as this is typically in the contract, and it's just common courtesy.

Tip # 3 - Appliances

Ensuring that appliances are in working order and are in the same condition as when the buyer viewed the property is usually in the contract.
If something breaks after the deal is firm, but before the possession date, you will need to have it repaired.

Tip # 4 - The Keys

Leave your keys either on a table in your home, or with your REALTOR®. 
If there are a lot of keys, label 
them for the convenience 
of the new homeowners. 

Tip # 5 - Review

Read through the contract one more time about a week before possession to ensure that you have met all of your obligations. Your REALTOR® can help you go through this.

Tip # 6 - Utilities

Contact your utility companies to let them know about your move so that your service can be disconnected from your old home and reconnected at your new one. Don't forget to take any equipment such as a cable box with you, as that's all part of leaving the place clean.

Tip # 7 - Tenants

If you have tenants in your home, ensure that they have moved out at least a few days before the possession date so that you have time to review and correct any damages, and ensure that they left everything that should be left that is part of the contract.

Tip # 8 - Fixtures

If something is attached to a wall or ceiling, it is likely part of the fixtures of the home, unless otherwise specified in the contract, and therefore must stay with the home. This includes things like fancy chandeliers, coverings, and even the light bulbs!

Bonus Tip

To give the new homeowners a warm welcome, it is a good idea to leave them a little note about the nuances and details of your home and neighborhood so they can start to feel right at home!
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